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Good Help is Hard To Find…
In today’s fast paced business environment, fast turnaround and low cost are top priorities. But professional dedication, and hard diligence are often hard to find.

WE at the iCOM Translation Network are dedicated to providing fast turnaround and low cost with constant attention to detail. We choose high quality translators who are native speakers and specialize in your industries and subject fields.

We use the same core team for recurrent projects and the latest translation and database tools for overall consistency and accuracy.

Our minimum management layer approach results in less overhead for us and lower costs for our clients.

iCOM Translation Network –
Translation Solutions in All Languages



We use the latest translation tools in the industry


Our concept of reduced management layers translates into lower cost to you

Our Mission

Pursuit of language excellence by providing fast, accurate, reliable and cost-efficient translation services


We offer high-quality translation services in multiple languages and many areas of specialization
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